Private Fees and Charges

Most services that the NHS provides to people are free of charge, but there are some exceptions to this e.g., prescription charges.  Sometimes a charge must be made to cover some of the costs as the service isn’t covered by the funding GP’s receive from the NHS for example, medical reports for insurance companies, private health insurance claims and other letters and forms that need completing that require the GP to review the patient’s medical records.

The contract GP’s have with the NHS covers medical services to patients, but GP’s also do a lot of non-medial work as well which is not funded examples of non-NHS services for which GP’s can charge their patients include but not limited to:

  • Holiday cancellation forms
  • Private medical insurance forms
  • Some travel vaccinations
  • Letters requested by or on behalf of, the patient.

The time the GP spends completing forms and preparing reports takes the GP away from direct medical care.  In addition, non-NHS work must be undertaken outside of NHS contracted time.  GP’s have a very high workload which can add up to them working 60 hours plus a week and paperwork, such as, filling insurance forms in and writing medical reports for insurance companies adds to this workload.

When a GP signs a certificate or completes a report it is a condition of their medical registration that they only sign what they know to be true.  Therefore, to complete a very simple form the GP must review the patients entire medical record. Inaccuracy in a report can have serious consequences for a GP with the General Medical Council or even the Police.

How are charges decided?

The British Medical Association (BMA) is the registered Trade Union for doctors, it recommends that GPs tell patients in advance if they will be charged for any work.

Erewash Health Practices, follow the guidelines set by the BMA using their fees calculator.  The fees calculator takes into consideration how much time it takes the GP to complete the work to ensure the cost covers the work undertaken.  Our charges have recently been reviewed for the first time in 5 years.


New charges from 1 July 2024

Description of work Time involved Price

Includes VAT


Simple letters / forms 15 mins £45
Complex letter / insurance claim form / supplementary GP report 30 mins £90
60 mins £180
Full medical examination & report e.g., adoption, HGV etc. 45-60 mins £198
Medical report without examination inc. IGPR 30 mins £90
Firearms licence 30 mins £90